Efficient Link Building Strategies 

Link building has changed a lot over the years, especially after Google’s Penguin updates – which were a good thing. And in contrast to what some like to believe, link building is still very, very important for a successful website with good SEO. And efficient link building is tough, let’s be frank. Getting links from relevant, authority sources can be a pain.

So, here’s a list of efficient link building strategies in 2016 that will take you places if employed correctly and with patience.

1. Relevance:

Link relevance is a big link building factor for modern SEO__wpeditor_temp_url__.

·        Outlink to relevant and similar websites.

·        Try to get backlinks from authority websites of your same or similar niche.

·        Relevant links, outlinks or backlines, are much more valuable than links going from or coming to your website from unrelated website.

2. Make your content worthy:

Content rules. If your content is fractured, there’s no hope for the best of link b​uilding strategies to work.

·        Write great content, obviously. High quality sells. Have a unique promise. Make your message clear.

·        No plagiarism and content duplication within your website. Plagiarizing from other websites is strictly forbidden unless you want to journey to the bottom of search results.

·        Fix technical issues: Make your pages fast by compressing CSS, loading scripts in footer, trimming down on unnecessary HTML tags and images, etc. Make your website responsive, mobile-friendly. Get security certificate for a website that needs it. Monitor 404 errors, 302 redirects, and pages with high bounce rate (use Google W​​e​​bmaster Tools).

s.3.3. Interlinking:

One of the most important link building strategies in 2016 is interlinking. Well, it was there since the beginning but it’s all the more important right now.

·        Have a solid framework of links within your website.

·        Link to your own articles and pages, have menus and sidebar content linking to stuff you want to be discovered and indexed even more.

·        Have a clear sitemap, both in a visual sense and a techni​cal format.

4. Make use of Quora and Forums:

Forums are underrated. Yes, some are spammy, but if you find the correct ones relating to your niche, you can use it. Quora is must. Make an accou​nt right now.

·        Be active on forums. It not only gives you backlinks, but a portal to receive feedback, which is very important especially for new websites.

·        2016 is the year of knowledge. Quora has proven to be a solid link building tactic, and continues to do so. Be active on Quora and ask and answer about topics relating to your websites. You’ll earn a lot of trust, brand ide​n​tity, backlinks, and feedback.

·        Check the Stack Exch​ange network of forums to find whether your website can make use of their websites.

5. Clean, please:

It’s hard to talk about efficient link building strate​gies and leave out the cleanliness argument.

In essence, if your backlinks are coming from dirty places – places known to be link selling directories – you will get penalized.

If your keywords and link anchor text are same for most part of your website – you’ll be penalized. Like if your keyword is “car loans” and most links on your website have the ancho​r text (visual part of link, not the URL) as car loans itself, it’s really, really bad. Especially in 2016 – Google’s Penguin factors are stronger than ever.

So, be natural and clean.

6. Communicate with leaders:

There must be leaders in your niche, or even strong competitors. Use them.

·        Competitor analysis is important for crafting tasty content, but it’s also necessary to get high qualit​y b​acklinks.

·        Contact them and give them a reason to link to your website.

·        Guest posting in 2016 is a failed link building strategy, but can still add some value. Just remember, only a link in author bio box won’t do much. You need proper, in-content linking to your website’s pages to have higher value.Utilize press releases. It’s called outdated but it’s still used very much. Check Glen Allsopp’s detailed research for a breakdown of link building in 2016.

A    Authored by Adam ​Bruman- a link bulding expert who belives in modern SEO practices like organic link building, leveraging the power of analystics and healthy social bookmarking. Using his great techniques, he's delivered high, long-term ranks to websites that were fresh or budding.