Things You Should Know About the Link Building

Link building is one of the oldest and most effective SEO techniques. Good link building can make your website’s pages soar high in Google searches, and only a couple subtle mistakes can make your website plummet to the bottom of the internet sea.

Some link building practices that worked just a few years back don’t work anymore. Also, Google’s Penguin update is all about removing shady link building practices usingdirectory sites selling links to other websites. These practices will get you downvoted in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Let’s go over the things you should know about link building.

1. Authority adds value

A website’s authority adds value to its outgoing links.

·        A website with great content, a good age, and tons of links pointing to it is considered authoritative. Each link that goes out from this website is a high value link, and might be worth a hundred small website links.

·        Aim to get linked by these authoritative websites. Often, these websites are brands people trust in your industry.

·        Contact them, utilize guest posting (link to your pages within the content, author bio links are useless if there’s a rel=nofollow tag added in them, which is the case in most situations), and give them reason to link to you.

·        If you have amazing content and you understand what your audience wants clearly – you’ll have good prospects of getting linked by authoritative websites. This will increase the value of your website manifold.

2. The natural process is slow

The natural, manual process of link building is slow. And there’s nothing wrong in that.

·        Link building is about getting liked by others in your industry and at the same time getting linked from them.

·        It takes time to have that amount of exposure, trust, and value that will prompt others to talk about you. Have patience.

3. Link outsourcing is equally important

Link outsourc​ing or outlinking is the process of linking to external sources yourself.

·        Google loves websites that are social. So, link to external sources wherever you can.

·        Relevant link outsourcing means you’re trying to satisfy your user by completing her cycle for information consumption. This means a website with better usability, and this helps considerably with a better place on SERPs.

·        Don’t outsource links in bulk or sell links to other websites. Such spammy practices are easily identified and are enough to get your website heavily penalized.

4. Natural, manual link building is what works

Always aim for natural links.

·        Build long term relationships. Reach out to leading websites. Utilize all your resources.

·        Once you start building link relationships, it will be easy to keep growing backlinks to your website.

·        More websites will flock to link to you as you utilize your power of backlinks to go higher in SE​RPs. A lot of websites have a dire need to link to sources for their articles. They Google, open the top sources, find the most relevant article (and this has to be yours), and link to that. So having a good rank will automatically accelerate your link building prospects. You just have to work hard in the beginning phase.


5. Link relevance, social signals, and visual appeal

Link relevance is very important, for backlinks to your website as well as for link outsourcing.

·        Getting links from related and similar-niche websites is much more valuable than getting links from unrelated websites.

·        One exception is social media. Social book​m​ar​king, as it’s called, is taken as a positive signal towards your website’s usability. The more socially talked you are, the more weight your website gets. Niche doesn’t matter here.

·        People won’t link to your website from theirs or socially if your website isn’t visually appealing or looks boring and outdated. Always have a trendy, trustable, and cool website design.

      Authored by James Larson, a link bulding expert who belives in modern SEO practices like organic link building, leveraging the power of analystics and healthy social bookmarking. Using his great techniques, he's delivered high, long-term ranks to websites that were fresh or budding.